We transform hospitality experiences

We’re Xpitality and we’re here to redefine hospitality through innovative investments and transformative experiences. With a focus on emerging markets, especially in the Mediterranean, Continental Europe, and the Middle East, we uncover untapped opportunities ripe for turn-around, reinvestment, remodelling, and reimagining.

Untapping hospitality opportunities

At Xpitality, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify hidden opportunities to increase revenue, cut costs, optimize operations, and enhance portfolio value in the hospitality sector. Led by our founder, Alain Debare, our team is committed to designing, developing, and operating exceptional hospitality products and services that leave a lasting impact.

We are a team of trusted, focused hospitality investment and asset managers.
We look for the often-unnoticed essence in the unusual in hospitality.
We ensure the difference is relevant as we work to design, develop, and operate exceptional hospitality products and services.

How we work changes the way hospitality works

  • TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCES We redefine hospitality, from reviving vintage properties to uncovering revenue streams.
  • UNLEASHING REVENUE We find hidden opportunities for growth, ensuring maximum returns for all.
  • MAXIMIZING RETURNS Our hands-on approach delivers value for investors, partners, and communities.
  • SOLUTIONS-FOCUSED We tackle challenges with creative solutions, adapting to industry changes seamlessly.
  • INDUSTRY AGILE With expertise in investments, advisory services, and asset management, we're industry leaders.

Xpitality has a passion for Hospitality and Real Estate

We look for commercial compatibility by thinking differently.

Services to reshape the service industry

We are a forward-thinking investor, developer, operator, and asset manager in the hospitality sector. We excel at problem-solving, seizing opportunities, and executing innovative turn-around plans with fresh solutions.
Strategic Hospitality
Advisory and Asset Management
We streamline operations
and provide expert advisory services.
Investment Opportunities
and Turn-around Strategies
We identify and capitalize on untapped
hotel investments and execute turn-around plans.

Our track record sets the industry’s pace

We are a global, new-era hospitality asset manager, investment management, and development company with an eye on the untapped opportunities. Our vision is simple: to build and deliver transformative hospitality investments.
  • Astute Opportunity Recognition: We have a track record of identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that may initially go unnoticed, leading to profitable outcomes for our partners and stakeholders.
  • Leading Change and Transformation: We stand at the forefront of change and transformation in the hospitality sector. Our innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach have positioned us as industry leaders.
  • Setting New Standards: In today's rapidly evolving hospitality landscape, we are dedicated to setting new standards for the modern guest experience. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Meet our team

Our team have successfully collaborated with renowned hotel operators and firms, including Mandarin Oriental, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Accor Hotels - ibis & Novotel, and IHG - Holiday Inn.

Alain Debare


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Advisory Board Member – Marketing & Communications

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